Daily Drawing: Train Numbers 1973-4

Daily Drawing: Train Numbers 1973-4

My fascination with trains is documented in exact detail. It starts on 8th May 1973 (I was 14) and ends on January 7th 1974 about two weeks before my 15th birthday when I obviously left childish things behind. I showed a budding sense of graphic design in designing the cover…and meticulously listed places and trains seen. In that year I with friends travelled by train to London, Birmingham, Northampton and finally Swindon to visit the Rail Museum there with my mother on June 30th 1973. The only time I ever did anything like that with my mother alone as my sister was on a school trip away.

I have a feeling that the freedom hid an almost tragedy as my fatherI have a feeling that the freedom hid an almost tragedy as my father around this time had a burst duodenal ulcer and almost died….he was lucky and was operated on and after recuperation at Didcot hospital fully recovered but it a close run thing. This notebook is a diary of all that I think….my sister Janice Newton or Aunt Chris Leeburn might remember….it was the Pointer family I visited in Northampton on the 5th to the 10th August 1973…

I remember being taken to a stock-car race at Brafield and used to have the programmes..long gone now..

Oh and I came back with my first ‘proper’ vinyl album..Billion Dollar Babies..by Alice Cooper:-) I liked the packaging.


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