Suit of Nettles: Collection July 2008

I was struggling to focus on the Lincoln/Derby CONNECT course financed by the Arts Council as I was fast learning how to survive in academia.

I finally pulled together (literally) a show based around a collection of recorded songs in the manner of Daniel Johnston’s shows and performances.

I painted 12 canvasses in a weekend each an ‘illustration’ of a song on the CD. To bulk out a fairly weak bunch of paintings I dressed in character for the private view and played a ‘fake’ vinyl copy of the record in the foyer. The really cutting Moogee cartoons were put on hold as ‘not suitable for a public space’ and I did not want to offend the staff at The Collection who were much nicer and more knowledgeable than the course academics to be honest. I played a part and walked away not having upset anybody.

The record ‘Suit of Nettles’ and can be heard and seen here :

I did play one gig as ‘Trailer Star’ as part of an ACE funded event at the Oldknows building later that summer.


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