Blank Canvas Time Again

Blank Canvases

Today I ventured into my studio again after several years not painting…this blog not being update since May 2019 says it all.

I did have a couple of forays but ended in nothing substantial but this time I committed to going further.

The only two painted canvases I have left are both memories of a trip to Youlgreave from 2010 or before not sure exactly. Was a trip my then wife and I made to The Old Bull in Youlgreave. I held on to them as they have pleasant associations which became harder to find as my wife’s illness escalated. She passed away in 2020 and is the main reason I have not done much of anything let alone paint.

So here the two old landscapes and a painting of a road near my home town of Didcot in South Oxfordshire from I guessing 1988. A bit damaged as only have a polaroid. The painting was gifted to a friend for their wedding.

Youlgreave 1
Youlgreave 2: The Hut
Hagbourne Fields 1986

This kind of shows where my head is at in regards to new paintings. Been looking at John Nash after finding an excellent book in Waterstones sale.

Also Marsden Hartley who always reminds me of the Canadian Group of Seven..another key influence back in the day.

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