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The Turner Prize


  1. madsilence

    Interesting that the prize is named after 19th century British painter J. M. W. Turner. I recently visited the Turner exhibition at NYC’s Met Museum of Art. Apparently Turner was quite a radical in his day, a champion of landscape painitng and watercolor. I wonder how he’d view the art of recent prize winners?


  2. Paul Russell

    I like the cartoons. I remember the Showdown on the Saatchi Online. I am wondering if this person doing the cartoons is imitating that Ray Laing who was putting up odd funny sentences three or four years ago, straight from computer and somehow nearly every Showdown he was getting into the top 50 and there were like 3 or 4 thousand artists entering. I seems to me that there was something going on there. Like with many of the winners. Like that Chinese guy who had that photo of the street with the the trees cut down to the bottom of the limbs. I can’t find his name on Google. But he was getinng like 9.5 all the time. No wonder they got rid of the old the Showdown. It was so wrong and it just seems so corrupt. Saatchi online still has so much rubbish but now I think they edit a lot of the absolute worst out.

  3. admin

    I never heard of Ray Laing and the only strange thing on Saatchi was that my cartoons profile somehow got ‘switched off’ and I could not access.

    I do wonder if the cartoons of Saatchi were the reason but who knows?

    Then a curator goes and features my new profile.

    Strange place Saatchi-land.

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