In the style of a Tax Return here activity 2010. Apparently some of this counts for research outcomes some of it doesn’t…




What is Rural Conference, Lincoln Collection 18th March (attendee)

Kilimanjaro Magazine review/article

Bad at Sports: Online interview for Chicago Art podcast


Art Design Café Netherlands:
Moogee cartoon ‘Waiting for saatchi’ published
Appointed Contributing Editor December 2010

SALT Publishing: Salt Modern Voices- poetry pamphlet published December 2010


‘The Public is not invited’ – Group exhibition of Moogee cartoons as part of BAS7 Sideshow Nottingham

NEP review – November 2010


Trent M.A. RPT Multimedia P/T 2 years commenced   –September 2010

Culturgen: Revamped and developing as a research tool September 2010 – ongoing

Arts Professional #224 article ‘Waving or Drowning?’
August 2010

Re-Coefficients Dining Club: Grizedale Org reconstruction of Ruskin dining club at millennium galleries Sheffield (invited participant in art performance)

April 2010

AXIS: Two published ‘rants’ in online dialogue area.

February/March 2010

Saatchi Online Critic’s choice: Chaine Victoria Mendrzyk Royal College Curator (Art India magazine) selected for Saatchi online. February 2010


Talks given:

‘Ninged to Death’ Trent School Day 25.3.2010

‘Ninged to death’ Media Camp 2 Lacemarket Nottingham 27.3.2010

Talks/Conferences attended:
Media Camp 1
Lacemarket Nottingham May 2009
Media Camp 2
Lacemarket Nottingham April 2010




Nottingham Trent University School of Art and Design Events: Research


Workshop: The Integration of Art, Design and Technology in Research Projects 28.6.2010