Research Interests

Conferences Attended (+ Papers Delivered)

2014 28th -29th March  Delivered paper on Dickens and Illustrator Seymour to  Illustration and Narrative Construction  conference Paris Universite Paris-Diderot.

2013 October 24th-27th   Delivered visual presentation  The art object in search of new knowledge  at DRN/Drawing and Cognition co-conference at Columbia University and Metropolitan Museum of Art New York.

2013 July.10th-12th   Delivered paper at Film-Philosophy conference Amsterdam on Alexander Mann’s Gnats.

2012 September 12th   14th  Drawing and Cognition STEAM Conference Wimbledon School of Art  invited artist Scriber

2012 September 11th and 12th  Drawing Research network Conference 2012 Loughborough University. Delivered a paper as cartoon of  Grey Ravens

2012 7th-8th Swansea University  Practice Makes Perfect  conference. Paper  Frayling Categories. Submitted to Sage new voices issue.

2012 March 2nd and 3rd – Mostyn Arts Centre  With Humorous Intent Symposium  guest speaker.

2011 September 13th  East Midlands Post Graduate student conference  Perspectives on landscape . Poster on Track Transmedia project.

2011 July 7th Nottingham Trent Research Conference (Staff)   Track  M.A. RPT Transmedia presentation.




Authored Book

BELCHER, S., 2010. Last Farmer., Salt modern voices series. London: Salt. ISBN


Book contribution

BELCHER, S., 2014. [Exhibition catalogue contribution]., Drawology. In:

Drawology. Nottingham: Nottingham Trent University: CADBE, pp. 4-5. ISBN




BELCHER, S., 1996. [Three poems].The ice horses: the second Shore Poets

Anthology. In: The ice horses: the second Shore Poets anthology. Edinburgh:

Scottish Cultural Press.


Chapter in book

BELCHER, S., 2014. Shaun Belcher and Moogee the art dog at Thinking Through

Drawing 2012., Thinking Through Drawing 2012: drawing in STEAM.
In: A. BREW, M. FAVA and A. KANTROWICZ, eds., Thinking Through Drawing 2012: drawing in STEAM. 123Draw in association with Loughborough University, Teachers College, Columbia University and University of the Arts London, pp. 16-30.Conference contribution

BELCHER, S., 2012. Can grey ravens fly?: Beyond Frayling’s categories.,

Proceedings of the 2012 Drawing Research Network Conference (DRN 2012)., 2012 Drawing Research Network Conference (DRN 2012), Loughborough University, Loughborough, 10-11 September 2012.

Journal articles

BELCHER, S.D., 2014. Can grey ravens fly? Beyond Frayling’s categories., Arts

and Humanities in Higher Education. Arts and Humanities in Higher Education, 13 (3), pp. 235-242. ISSN 1474-0222

Professional or trade journal contribution

BELCHER, S., 2011. Has the internet changed the way we look at and criticize

art? An interview with Matthew Collings., Modern Matter Magazine. In: Modern

Matter Magazine. London: OMO Creates, pp. 64-69.


Goldfactory Arts Council GFA awards 5k x 2. 2007 -2009
(I was part of second bid and handled web presence and publicity.)
Arts Council England Award 2007
Fees paid for University of Derby PGCERT in Art Practice 2007-2008.


Claudia Scott: Song Lyric ‘The Devil’s House’ on album ‘Follow the Lines’ which won Norwegian version of The Grammy. The Spellemann Award for Country Album of the year.


R.I.B.A. Poetry commission for Edwin Smith Photographs exhibition at R.I.B.A. Gallery London- November 2014

James Elkins – Illustrations to individual chapters in 2nd edition of ‘Artists with Phds’. May 2014.
Elkins, J.(2014) Artists with PhDs: On the new doctoral degree in studio art, 2nd edn, New York: New Academia Publishing

“Shaun Belcher’s visualizations of the issues surrounding ‘knowledge’ and ‘research’ in PhDs done ‘in’ and ‘through’ art practice are exemplary. I know this partly because I have seen some of them, and partly because he is an indefatigable and careful reader of the enormous literature on the subject. I have learned a lot from his comments and from the texts he’s found; he’ll be cited extensively in the next edition of the book ‘Artists with PhDs’.”
James Elkins 2013

Peter Astor  Songbox (Cd ltd edition) Illustration. August 2011

The Weather Prophets  Album Covers 1985-1988 (Creation Records and WEA/Elevation)
‘She Comes from the Rain’ appeared in Roger Dean ‘Best Album Covers of Year’ 1988.

Moogee the Art Dog cartoon in Times Higher Education article
‘Blurring the lines between art and research’- March 7, 2013.


Commissioned AXIS rants articles 2007 :


Poetry Reviews

Various reviews of poetry from The Guardian (Ruth Fainlight) and small magazines and online.


Music Reviews

BBC Radio 2 Folk Reviewer (online), Bucketfull of Brains, Hearsay and created and ran Flyinshoes Songwriter Webzine 1999 -2004

Flyinshoes Webzine Archive

Various music reviews of Trailer Star records from music magazines and Nottingham Evening Post.


Reviews and articles

Fine Art Projects

Various public-facing exhibitions, workshops and projects


Goldfactory Art research space

Arts Council funded research space I ran for two years with artist Paul Matosic