Birds of Fire Flock Together

Experimenting with poetry and sound….

26 poems related to a damaged ecology 1981-2022

set to some ambient electronic soundscapes.

neither fish nor fowl….

Album cover and here first track based on the Crystal Palace fire as seen above.

The original poem was written in 1982 one of my earliest.

The collection will provide spoken word soundscapes for 26 poems related directly to eco-green political themes I written over the last 40 years.

The tracks are being uploaded to Soundcloud as they completed .

Here first recording..

the great exhibition

two jays in tic-tac spinning
cresting waves of lace curtain and linoleum
two-stepping tarmacadam’s invention
a century’s first mast
the barge of the crystal palace
this gaping hole
where the machinery ploughed into the past
the smell of smoke
of ashes

from ‘The Tithe Machine’ Poems 1981 -84