I Wanna Be Rejected: MAY 2024


A glutton for punishment I continue to prove that I am the

UK’s Most Ignored Poet or UKMIP.

So far I have applied to approx 36 Magazines since January 1st and the score is
Magazines 36 – Shaun Belcher Acceptances 0

Putting me well ahead in the Britain’s Got No Poets Celebrity Write Off Final

Interpreter’s House – STILL OPEN MAY

Fiction and poetry submission windows for October issues are open 1 April – 14 May inclusive.

Under the Radar  –  OPENING on May 1st

Poetry Ireland Review :

Submittable full April re-opens May

Shooter –  Theme: Nightlife   (print) CLOSING 15 MAY
Emerge Literary Journal    (online) CLOSING 20 MAY
Modern Poetry in Translation  XXX (I don’t do translation) Theme: dissent and resistance   (print)


Crannóg      print(?)
Strix     (print)
Anomaly Literary Journal    (online)
Carmen et Error   (online)
Green Ink Poetry   (online)
Leon Literary Review  (online)

NB OPEN 15 – 29 MAY:
The Stinging Fly    (print)

POETRY SUBMISSIONS: The Poisoned Chalice

Yesterday evening I submitted to all these with varying degrees of success with the exception of Belle Ombre (which I had never heard of and which seemed a contender for the new Agenda up its own (hare’s) arse award). I got something off to all the rest even the one that I was not supposed to get to i.e. London Review of Books which I worked out later drops subs in the genre they trying to make money on through a competition…nice little capitalist ploy there LRB.

I sent three poems anyway to annoy them.

The rest especially those using submittable were all good. Clear guidance and appeared to know web from elbow. Except Allegro which should win an award for bad usage of out of date blogger and no comprehension of design or fonts. (The editor kindly rejected me already so we evens). The good thing is some decent poems rejected already on the recycle route to be flung elsewhere.

I submitted a whole pamphlet to The North because it a good magazine and it did not say you couldn’t.

London Grip I had heard rumours of through Neil Fulwood and John Lucas connection.

Poetry submitting is a bit like going out to bat without a take a defensive stance and wait for the hundred mile an hour hard ball of rejection to bounce into your sensitive spot.

The balls get bowled back on average six months later it appears so not losing sleep over some of the more arcane ‘self-publishing and social media’ rules which frankly bullshit invented by people still working out what the internet is.

More frightening is the references to NO AI which like horse and stable door frankly too late most of the crap I seeing around the magazines and the hell for leather publishers is probably already AI induced.


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