Month: July 2014

45s: The Clash – London Calling




The Clash: London Calling 1979


Bright November evening

sweatbox of a venue

a sea of heads bobbing below a platform

The Clash and Joe Ely in cowboy hat and boots


Left later to drizzle and police sirens

and a ring of police vans lassooing us

Camden Town dirty and ugly

best of British fists and chains

and blood on bus seats


London calling to the faraway towns

from Bristol St Pauls to the Medway towns

London calling to misspent youths

in bus shelters and darkened rooms


No idea then of the decade to come

the buses smashed..the cordoned land

those officers smiling no visors in the rain

already training for Orgreave and Salisbury Plain

stamping out the rhythms with a cowboy boot…..


45s : Working on a building of love

A series of poems inspired by vinyl singles…..I started years ago and only done two so far so here they are…maybe I get inspired to do more 🙂

This about my Nan Butler’s front room.. a broken piano, boxes and boxes of ‘damaged Smith’s Crisps’
(My Gramp delivered most of them rest ended up there)…and my Uncle Brian’s sixties and seventies vinyl…


Chairman of the Board: Working on a Building of Love 1972

45s piled in a dusty box

centres pulled out for stateside jukeboxes cheap resales

for years I could not play them at all

just played with them like toys on my Nan’s front room floor


an old broken upright piano

worn red Axminster carpet

a radiogram that no longer worked

I put the record down the spindle anyway

listened to the faint noise as I span it against the worn needle


the wah and flutter as speed changed

nylon nets breathing in and out each summer

from the drafty windows

a year later managed to plug it in and shocked myself on bare wires


too scared to tell anybody

as they’d have banned me from playing in there

but I did take the Chairman of the Board singles

the Invictus label….from Detroit post riots..

forgot about the shock until now…like love. Bittersweet.






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