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To resurrect my very dormant poetry career I have decided to ‘unlock’ a book of poetry which I completed in 1999 and collects poems from 1996 when I returned from Edinburgh to Oxford until 1999 when various things conspired to set me on a new path away from Oxford.

I believe this my best collection and instead of waiting for Godot to publish it have gone ahead and unleashed it on a no doubt breathless literary world….

Ironically it was Jez Noond’s recent postings about ‘self-publishing’ that prompted this ‘outburst’.

I have also unlocked the still in progress volume after this called ‘The Drifting Village’ which seems unnaturally obsessed with rivers… good timing there with the recent popularity of rivers and all things watery in the news:-)..maybe time for a topical poem in The Guardian …shame I don’t know anybody there…

Hope you find of interest my reader..or both of you should there be two …

Poems from both collections can be found in my ‘Greatest Hits’ pamphlet. ‘Last Farmer’ published by Salt Publishing in 2010. It now out of print and available via SCRIBD HERE: