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Frayling paper published


The Arts Humanities in Higher Education ‘new voice’ paper ‘ Can grey ravens fly: Beyond Frayling’s categories’ has finally been published to paper in latest copy of journal.

It appears in a special issue devoted to ‘Theorising Practice in Creative and Applied Arts’. It is alongside a range of papers presented at the ‘Practice Makes Perfect Conference’ at Swansea Metropolitan University in September 2012. I would like to thank Howard Riley and Amanda Roberts for their kindness there and for giving me this opportunity.

It is my first main journal publication after a couple of conference papers in proceedings.

at: http://ahh.sagepub.com/content/13/3/235.abstract

The pdf is available through download from SAGE website if subscribed through institution and I can share with colleagues in private so please request. I cannot post separately on internet for copyright reasons.

If interested in abstracts and other my research please go to

ACADEMIA EDU : https://nottinghamtrent.academia.edu/ShaunBelcher# 

After New York – back to earth

After the great time in New York ( Metropolitan Museum of Art and Guggenheim were fantastic) it is back to earth with a bump (work) and time to take stock of what to do next on M.A. as complete at end of January 2014. I have been in touch with James Elkins and there only a couple of chapters still to come in book so I can concentrate between now and Xmas in getting that sequence completed. I also need to update the Rakes Redrawn sequence with some Hogarthian written titles mimicking original and Gilray etc. Whether this will be enough to get into the DRN proceedings I not sure but as whole idea was that this piece was ‘drawing-led’ not written a full paper seems inappropriate. I may take ideas and rewrite into a separate paper though.

Here some images from New York conference – the final image is Yoon Bakh’s take on my talk as a visual ‘scribe’:-).

RP Research Overview 2010-2011 – conclusion

It is ‘Graphic Research’ Spock but not as we know it…

An earlier post (see below) relates my two year long tussle with the idea of a ‘Multimedia’ M.A.by research project which spawned tis separate research trajectory as a by-product.

The turning point for treating cartooning of art criticism/history as a viable research subject came with my acceptance for the Mostyn Humorous Intent Symposium in March and subsequently acceptance for three drawing related symposia in September 2012. All related to notions of practice and drawing in some way. All reflected my seven year output of critical cartoons and blog entries which began in 2005. In this period I have had work published by Axis, Arts Professional and Matter Magazine ( interview with Matthew Collings). Ironically none of this has been recognised ot supported in any way by my institution. Indeed this has been conducted beneath the radar because of the nature of the material created and because as a member of a ‘Multimedia’ faculty I was coerced into accepting a ‘Multimedia’ M.A. as part of professional development. Ironically again, professional development seemed to disappear when my course was closed down (it has two years to run) in October 2011 coinciding with my decision to take a year of absence because of my mother’s serious illness of which she passed away in June this year. Having removed both the raison d’etre of professional development and having offered no supervision or help at all during my first year of ‘study’ it not surprising I a little confused.

I took matters in my own hands in March 2012 by applying to the Mostyn conference which firmly in the Fine Art area. The drawing conferences could be seen as straddling both fine art and graphic design. In light of this it makes clear sense to me that if I attempt a PhD M.A. it  should be re-assigned into one of these two areas and I hope to sort this out before commencing one. As the research also combines pedagogic research it may be difficult to find a supervisor again. Trent is presently lacking a art history professor or staff at that level with a art history background since Richard Woodfield left maybe the new Dean will freshen things up a bit. That is for future after the M.A. completed.

So I now have to complete the three symposia. Develop or rewrite the original MA:RPT proposal in light of changes of direction.and then focus on creating a body of work in the ‘graphic research’ area to lead up to PhD ( a term invented by myself in conversation with Ian Williams a.k.a.Thom Ferrier at a graphic novel conference at Nottingham Contemporary).

My interests going forward towards PhD (RESEARCH ROUTE) are firmly in the areas of art criticism/history (comic and written) and for M.A (PRACTICE ROUTE) new media and painting and drawing.

Even a week of travelling elsewhere artistically speaking is very welcome…..and maybe signals a new start.

Moogee on tour? September 2012

I am busy preparing for three drawing related conferences in a row in early September 2012. It feels a bit like doing music or poetry gigs 🙂

The first is ‘Practice makes Perfect: Theorising method in in visual research’

at Swansea Metropolitan University on 9th/10th September.


The second Drawing Research Network: ‘Drawing Knowledge’ at Loughborough University on 10th/11th September.


and finally ‘Thinking Through Drawing 2012: drawing in STEAM’ at Wimbledon College of Art on 12-14 September.


The first and second will be a paper/presentation about my practice called

‘Perfect Maps and Imperfect Practice: How practice-led methodology turned into graphic research.’

probably delivered in a cartoon/comic strip or graphic novel style 🙂

The third is different in that I have been invited to perform live drawing whilst the conference events in progress alongside such artists as Robert Shadbolt see http://robertshadbolt.net and Yoon Bakh Royal College Innovation Design http://rca.academia.edu/YoonBahk.

Students and Staff at NCN ‘interactive drawing workshop’ March 2012.


Mostyn ‘With Humorous Intent’ Symposium March 2012

Again a retrospective post highlighting a symposium presentation I gave in March 2012.



With Humorous Intent: Symposium

By admin Published February 21, cialis 2012

I have been invited to give a presentation of my ‘Cartoon Practice’ at a symposium organised through Loughborough University called ‘With Humorous Intent’ at the new Mostyn Gallery Llundudno.
With Humorous Intent (Symposium)

03 Mar – 04 Mar 2012

With Humorous Intent

A two-day symposium interrogating the deployment of humour within contemporary art practices.

Organised by Lee Campbell, PhD researcher, in conjunction with Politicized Practice Research Group, Loughborough University School of the Arts in cooperation with Mostyn. To coincide with ‘Ha Ha Road’, 03 December 2011 – 11 March 2012.

FREE EVENT but places are limited. To reserve a place, email sian@mostyn.org or phone 01492 868196.

Guest speakers: Gillian Whiteley (aka bricolagekitchen); Gary Stevens and Frog Morris are joined by Andrew Paul Wood (University of Canterbury, Christchurch, New Zealand); Dave Ball, curator of Ha Ha Road, Mostyn; Jonathan Roberts; Alison O’Connor (Oxford University); Ana Milovanovic; Shaun Belcher (Nottingham Trent University School of Art and Design); Eve Smith (Liverpool John Moores University); Jennifer Jarman; Hannah Ballou (Central School of Speech and Drama, University of London); Steve Fossey (University of Northampton); Simon Bell (Anglia Ruskin University,Cambridge); Waldemar Pranckiewicz; and Dean Kelland (Central Saint Martins, University of the Arts, London).

The symposium is launched with a performance and talk by Bedwyr Williams at 7pm, Friday 2 March. Places for Friday evening are limited and must be booked in advance, £5 / £3 students. To reserve a place for Friday 2 March, phone Mostyn’s Shop on 01492 868191.