I am busy preparing for three drawing related conferences in a row in early September 2012. It feels a bit like doing music or poetry gigs 🙂

The first is ‘Practice makes Perfect: Theorising method in in visual research’

at Swansea Metropolitan University on 9th/10th September.


The second Drawing Research Network: ‘Drawing Knowledge’ at Loughborough University on 10th/11th September.


and finally ‘Thinking Through Drawing 2012: drawing in STEAM’ at Wimbledon College of Art on 12-14 September.


The first and second will be a paper/presentation about my practice called

‘Perfect Maps and Imperfect Practice: How practice-led methodology turned into graphic research.’

probably delivered in a cartoon/comic strip or graphic novel style 🙂

The third is different in that I have been invited to perform live drawing whilst the conference events in progress alongside such artists as Robert Shadbolt see http://robertshadbolt.net and Yoon Bakh Royal College Innovation Design http://rca.academia.edu/YoonBahk.

Students and Staff at NCN ‘interactive drawing workshop’ March 2012.