This reflects where I am now hopefully.


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Shaun currently teaches web and graphic design and research across the Multimedia B.A. and Foundation Media Creatives Courses.

He’s working by Registered Project in Fine Art at Nottingham Trent University investigating art and design pedagogy through visual thinking.


Shaun is a published poet (‘Last Farmer’ – Salt Publishing 2010), exhibited painter, songwriter and cartoonist. He has designed record sleeves for WEA Records and Creation Records, released Americana recordings as his alter-ego ‘Trailer Star’ and his ‘Moogee the art dog cartoons’ have been featured on the web and at academic conferences.

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Shaun is currently investigating Frayling’s Art and Design Categories especially the notion of ‘Art FOR Research’ in relation to new knowledge and the art object through the medium of ‘Graphic Research’ his name for using cartoon imagery as a research ‘tool’.

He is also interested in art and design pedagogy and research in the fine arts in higher education especially at MA and PhD level.