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Plotting a way forward……off the map?

As my M.A. will finally complete in January 2014 my mind has started to wonder what next? the logical progress would be toward a PhD as teaching seems to be getting more and more vague come September 2014. I will have taught a subject which no longer of great interest to me now (web design) for seven years by then so time for a change. I may move into more research related teaching but this not guaranteed and if so will be in Graphic Design not multimedia which has been deemed to officially not exist by NTU art and design.

Whatever the outcome of that I looking to move forward to a PhD preferably funded. I starting to look into that now in preparation. I doubt that my institution will support me through it for various reasons some political some just resource driven. For now I have a few irons in fire who knows which will be drawn out….here a few options badly delineated.


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  1. David Techau

    Shaun: Might want to consider a bold move off the charts to Hobart, Tasmania, Australia. The Tasmanian School of Art. PhD in whatever direction you wish to take. International student support a real possibility. A young, vibrant, dynamic city! The brand new Museum of Old and New Art (MONA) nearby. Beautiful scenery. Great cultural, musical and artistic events year around. An entirely different life experience. Just had the “tall ships” drop in last weekend for a visit.

    New York. Been there. Done that.

    Just a thought…

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