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Frayling paper published


The Arts Humanities in Higher Education ‘new voice’ paper ‘ Can grey ravens fly: Beyond Frayling’s categories’ has finally been published to paper in latest copy of journal.

It appears in a special issue devoted to ‘Theorising Practice in Creative and Applied Arts’. It is alongside a range of papers presented at the ‘Practice Makes Perfect Conference’ at Swansea Metropolitan University in September 2012. I would like to thank Howard Riley and Amanda Roberts for their kindness there and for giving me this opportunity.

It is my first main journal publication after a couple of conference papers in proceedings.

at: http://ahh.sagepub.com/content/13/3/235.abstract

The pdf is available through download from SAGE website if subscribed through institution and I can share with colleagues in private so please request. I cannot post separately on internet for copyright reasons.

If interested in abstracts and other my research please go to

ACADEMIA EDU : https://nottinghamtrent.academia.edu/ShaunBelcher# 

Studio Diary M.A. : That’s all folks and a chapter on Moogee

Surprise of the week was news that Moogee had his own chapter in a new Loughborough/UAL/Teachers Columbia publication 🙂

TTDfront moogee


This is the final entry in the studio diary section as I will be assessed on my M.A. this Wednesday afternoon. To prepare for this I have created the pdf below and uploaded to Scribd detailing the progress made throughout the M.A. and the final outcomes at this point.

Where I go from here is a good question and not one I can answer easily.

There are three separate yet overlapping areas I have become deeply interested in.

1. Drawing research ; phenomenology of drawing and in particular an interest in sense of place and notions of ‘signature’ in terms of preparatory drawings especially in Gorky,  Miro up to Motherwell and Twombly all developing out of the surrealism and dada influence on mid-century American painting.

2. Early film/photography and magazine culture of the 18th Century/early 19th century and its relation to current developments in web. I have a paper to present in Paris on Charles Dickens magazine illustration end of March and I will be concentrating on that alone from now until then.

3. The continuation of this research into artistic research theory/philosophy of aesthetics and its dissemination through fine art pedagogy.

All three are possible PhD subject matter and how my institution views my future will probably have a major bearing on where I go.

My heart though probably in number one…..my head in number three and my teaching future at present tied up somewhere in number  two whether I like it or not…….

Interesting times ahead 🙂

Meanwhile I’d like to thank Deborah Harty for her very good supervision and for stopping me going off-track all the time or as they like to say in academia develop ‘focus’. Focused I am right now but come Thursday who knows:-)
please note the backgrounds have distorted in this display.


A basic plan?



Simplistic but this rough outline of new directions is kind of accurate.

Path One: Traditional practice-led craft orientated production – drawings not theoretical more instinctive. Crossing into surrealist/automatic and subconscious areas.

Path Two: Literary/Historical..orientated toward factual and historical research linked to a wide gamut of technology in early stages affecting a specific area of the Thames Valley – possible PhD subject area? Relating developments in 1850s to present day impact of ubiquitous media. Possible crossover with poetry/cultural geography. e.g. Charles Tomlinson’s borders thesis.

Path Three: Criticism as Research/Graphic Research. Cartoons as investigative art criticism. James Elkins and Mark Staff Brandl connection. Political edge.


Studio Diary April 9th

Finally back in studio after Easter break and torn between the reading required for the Film History paper for Amsterdam and keeping drawing experiments going. In the end managed both. Above are drawings I did as usual trying not to think almost automatic and the larger ones at bottom slightly different. Inspired by some recent text paintings of my friend Zenon I played around with notion of text as drawing. I then produced the strange calligraphy like ‘hill’ drawing. Not sure exactly where this going but does seem to be laying on borderline between cartoon, text and drawing. I was reminded a lot of the Abstract Expressionist drawings I looked at a lot in the 1980’s.

Also been flicking through a Marukami Catalogue: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Takashi_Murakami

Post Conference Papers


Have rewritten the ‘Perfect maps:Imperfect Practice’ paper to contain new knowledge gained at conferences.

This paper has now appeared as part of Drawing Research network proceedings 2012 and now available here: http://www.drawing-research-network.org.uk/drn-2012-proceedings/

New title is Can grey ravens fly: Beyond Frayling’s categories.

Here original document and the associated cartoon strip.




Research Return 2011-2012

Like an annual Tax Return the institution expects and who are we to complain.

Here the return for 2011 and half of 2012.
Again some of this counts with the Research Inspectorate and some of it probably does not….

Shaun Belcher Research 2011-2012
CONFERENCE papers and presentations: (*Forthcoming)
Drawing Research Network Conference 2012 Loughborough University.
10-11 September 2012.*

‘Practice makes perfect’ Conference, recipe Swansea Metropolitan University.
6-7th September 2012. *

‘With Humorous Intent’: Symposium: Mostyn Gallery. Llandudno.
2-4th March 2012.


Biting The Hand That Feeds‘ – Lacemarket Gallery New College Nottingham
in aid of Epilepsy Action.
5th-16th March 2012.
Artcore’s Card Deal – Derby DEDA – 1-30 September 2011


Matter Magazine interview with Matthew Collings
December 2011

WHY ART CANNOT BE SEEN? Has the internet changed the way we look at and criticize art? An exchange conducted by email discussing the art critic Matthew Collings’ recent experimentation with analysis of paintings online using Facebook photo albums.


Perceptions of Practice : Photography: Workshop: NTU: 11th July.2011.

Eco-Tone: Object Space Entanglements: NTU 28th June.2011.

Digital Hybridity – Stellarc: Derby University: Symposium 17th June.2011.

What is Rural? Symposium: Lincoln: 18th March.2011.

(not as productive as 2010 due to personal problems)