WOOFISM and beyond

Drawing Research M.A. Completion January 2014

moogeeComic produced as 'Live Scribe' at Wimbledon STEAM conference 2012.


This blog collects all the material produced for my M.A. Fine Art at Nottingham Trent University.

I was awarded a distinction in January 2014.

I would like to thank Dr Deborah Harty my supervisor and Dr David Downes my colleague for their support throughout.

The blog began in September 2011 with a discussion with Mathew Collings over the internet and ‘visuality’.

My art critic cartoon dog continues to bark at the Art World as Moogee The Doodle Dog


The stick-chasing  began one wet evening in Llandudno with the first Moogee presentation in March 2012.

My thanks to Dr. Lee Campbell for letting the inner dog out…



The rest of my fine art related activity available on main art website at:



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  1. David Techau

    Thought you fell off the end of the earth, my friend ; – }…speaking of end of the earth: greetings from way down under, Hobart, Tasmania where we will soon celebrate DarkMOFO, our winter solstice celebration of music, art and mayhem.

    Wrapping up a doctorate here in sustainable architecture and the neuroscience of occupant well-being.

    With kind regards,

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